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Purpose of this page

If you want your open source Flash project to be hosted on OSFlash, please add your details to this list. Hosted projects receive a Subversion (SVN) repository, mailing list, and their own namespace on the wiki.

This page will be periodically reviewed by OSFlash Administrators who will set up projects on a first-come, first-served basis. Administrator’s schedules are given below:

Project requests last checked on

Days Times (GMT) Last checked on
Aral Balkan M-F 7-7.30am August 12, 2006
John Grden M-F 9am-5pm January 19th, 2007


Please copy the form at the bottom of this page to the end of the New Project Hosting Requests section, below, and fill it out completely to request a new project. Incomplete forms cannot be processed.

If you just want to add new committers to your project, please only copy/fill in the relevant part of the form and make it clear that you are asking for new committers not a new project.

You do not have to wait for a project’s SVN and mailing lists to be created in order to create your project’s web page on the OSFlash wiki. Create a page with the name of your project and use the OSFlash Project Wiki Page Template as a guide to set up your project’s web page.

When your project has been added, please add your project to the top of the Most Recent Projects list, and remove the last entry, so that visitors can see the 5 most recent projects. Also add your project to the list of osflash-hosted projects.

New Project Hosting Requests

December 4, 2006: Backlog of project requests cleared - John

Project Hosting Request for Patrick Mineault

+ Project Leader Details +
  • Patrick Mineault
  • pm AT 5etdemi DOT com
Project Details
  • Project Name: Universal Remoting
  • Project details: The Universal Remoting project is aimed at uniting efforts on the various open-source Remoting projects, including amfphp, SabreAMF, Fluorine, and RUBYAMF. Two sub-projects are the Universal Remoting Service Browser, based on the Flex 2 amfphp service browser, which aims at creating a common API for all Remoting projects to allow service inspection and testing, using the same interface, and the Remoting documentation, which aims at documenting AMF0, AMF3, Remoting envelopes, and client-side classes for accessing Remoting services.
  • Project license: BSD
  • Patrick Mineault, amfphp, pm AT 5etdemi DOT com
  • Evert Pot, SabreAMF, evertpot AT gmail DOT com
  • Zoltan Csibi, Fluorine, zoltan AT thesilentgroup DOT com
  • Aaron Lee Smith, RUBYAMF, beingthexemplary AT gmail DOT com

Project Hosting Request for Dragos Ionita

+ Project Leader Details +
  • Dragos Ionita
Project Details
  • Project Name: OME (Open Model Editor)
  • Project Description: It’s a Flash visual model editor for databases. It’s aimed at connecting with MySQL 4/5 and having InnoDB foreign keys support. Create database objects (tables) with fields and draw relationships between them visually.
  • Dragos Ionita
  • Alexandru Plop

Project Hosting Request for FleVi

+ Project Leader Details +
  • Z3bbster
  • fleviclient AT gmail DOT com
Project Details
  • Project Name: FleVI (Flex 2.0.1 Visual Interface)
  • Project Description: This software tool is developed for easy start Flex/Actionscript 3 projects and give you a visual interface for all compilers inside the SDK. Create projects onthefly with auto project folder structure,stubcode creation for .as/.mxml files and compiler .bat.
  • fleviclient AT gmail DOT com

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