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OSFlash Development & Roadmap

This page is for the OSFlash development team. Please do not modify this page without contacting Aral first

Current status

Currently the following components exist:


Mailing lists. There is a main mailing list OSFlash and each project gets its own mailing list.


Uses Dokuwiki.

Each project has a section on the wiki. Currently we are not using namespaces consistently for this.

Permissions: All logged in users can change pages.

Dokuwiki currently writes all data to file system (default setting.) TODO: Migrate this to database.

Setting up a new project

Currently a manual workflow:

1. Project lead submits proposal using New Project Hosting Request.

2. Aral (Balkan) or John (Grdn) manually reviews this and sets up project:

On CVSDude:

  1. Create new project
  2. Create user (for project admin)
  3. Create committers user accounts
  4. ACLs: Set up access for created user accounts
  5. Create Trac for project
  6. Copy all this info into the email that will be sent to the project lead. During this process initial passwords are created and included in the email with a note telling project lead to change password ASAP.

On CPanel

  1. Create Mailman mailing list
  2. Edit mailing list and change list option to “Reply to list”
  3. Edit list to change privacy, etc. options (Set default options for list)
  4. Add project lead and Aral to the list.
  5. Add access info for list’s general page, admin page, archives to the email to be sent to the project lead.

On Wiki

  1. Set up a new project page using template: OSFlash Project Wiki Page Template
  2. Add to side nav
  3. Add to hosted projects page

Finally, send email to project lead.

New Site Requirements

We need to integrate SVN and Trac into

Single login

User logs in to account using Flex interface and can change account information and, for project leads, access SVN admin.

Automatic signups

and create an automatic signup system for projects that:

  • Sets up SVN and Trac
  • Creates mailing list
  • Creates initial site on Wiki
  • Emails project lead with information

SVN Admin

Also, we need an online admin interface for SVN. This will have a client written in Flex 2. It will offer basic admin for SVN and Trac allowing project *leads* to:

  • Add new users to a project
  • Manage ACLs
  • Take backups (dumps)
  • Allow browsing of repository (v1: Link to repository)

v1+: (If needed) Set up a commits/diffs mailing list and send notifications from SVN to there.


Automatic backups of SVN, Wiki and Mailing Lists will be created and saved off-site.

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