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FlashAid allows JavaScript to check if accessibility features exist on the user’s computer by using a hidden (1 pixel x 1 pixel) Flash application.


You can download the latest release version here.

FlashAid version 0.1 Preview

This is a very early, proof-of-concept release. Please join the mailing list and give us feedback. It would be especially useful to hear from Ajax developers working on implementing accessibility in their applications.

Mailing list

FlashAid Mailing List: Subscribe and manage your subscription Archives

Usage instructions

  1. Include the js/flashAid.js script
  2. Include the js/swfobject.js script (for embedding the Flash file)
  3. Create a <div> with id=”flashAid”. If you want alternative content to display if Flash cannot be loaded, place it into this div.
  4. Inside your div, call the flashAid() method and pass in the name (string) of a method that will be called for success and one for failure. The method signature of the flashAid() method is:
flashAid ( successHandlerNameStr, failureHandlerNameStr, displayVersionMessageBool )

Where displayVersionMessageBool is a boolean that determines whether or not a message will be displayed in the flashAid div if the user has the wrong version of the Flash Player. (FlashAid requires Flash Player 8 and above.)

Code sample

<script type="text/javascript">
  // <![CDATA[
      flashAid("flashAidSuccessHandler", "flashAidFailureHandler", true);
  // ]]>

Supported Browsers

IE 5.0 and higher: Win Netscape 8.0 and higher: Win & Mac Mozilla 1.7.5 and higher: Win & Mac Firefox 1.0 and higher: Win & Mac Safari 1.3 and higher: Mac


Based on an idea by Jeremy Keith, as discussed by Andy, Simon and the rest of the gang at a lovely beach bbq in Brighton. Written by Aral Balkan.

(And yes, the title graphic is taking the piss of Web 2.0) :)


Copyright © 2006 Aral Balkan. Released under the open source MIT license.

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