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FleVI is a visual Interface for the freely available Adobe Flex 2.0.1 SDK.This software tool is developed for easy start Flex/Actionscript 3 projects and give you a visual interface for all compilers inside the SDK.

Create projects onthefly with auto project folder structure,stubcode creation for .as/.mxml files and compiler .bat. Also support for library and package creation with stubcode as3 class files.




  • Category: IDE
  • Audience: Developers
  • Platform: Windows
  • Maturity: Beta(version 1.0)
  • License: GPL
  • STATUS: Open Beta!


BETA testing

Everybody who is interrested in beta testing please send me a email. Then you get a copy of BETA release. Thanks in advance. Contact: fleviclient AT gmail DOT com

Due to legal issues im currently changing the Beta release.It will be released WITHOUT the FLex 2.0.1 SDK. So it’s going to take litle more time before releasing.

Installation instructions

Instructions on how to install this project.

- Download the Flex 2.0.1 SDK

- Open flevi-setup.exe and follow instructions.

Usage instructions

Information on how to use the project (or link to guide.)


Z3bbster - Flash Developer


See licenses included in install package.


Note to Z3bbster: read the Flex 2 SDK license - excepted for the samples, you are not allowed to redistribute it.

Thanks i will release a version without the Flex 2 SDK.

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