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Not quite final yet, but usable. If you want to try it, you can download it here. There also is a screenshot to give you an impression.


To install, simply drag the XPI into an open Firefox window and press “Install”. Make sure gets included into your SWF.

To trace a debug message:

Fludge.trace( message:String, debuglevel:String );

Possible debuglevels are “warn”, “error”, “exception” and the default “info”.

Fludge also can display non-scrolling name:value pairs:

Fludge.display( label:String, value:Object );

To update a value simply repeat the command with the same label.

To remove a value from the list:

Fludge.remove( label:String );

Finally, to launch it:

firefox -chrome chrome://fludge/content/fludge.xul?/path/to/your.swf

It should open a new window with your SWF.

That’s all!


Hi, could someone possibly post a description of what this thing does? Currently all it seemed to do was screw up my Firefox extensions panel. Also it would be cool if we knew who made it, and a possible email address? Sorry to sound negative but this thing does look cool...whatever it is!

Hi! It’s true the author (I think it is Aggelos) did not present his project. It seems to be a debuger for ActionScript developpement with MTASC, using the TRACE function. If the author had time, it would be cool to make a deeper tutorial about Fludge.

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