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FunkyTools may grow to be a small collection of productivity tools that can help in everyday boring tasks. Just some commands and components.

This stuff is made by Martin. Ideas, bug reports and requests for functionality are most welcome ( –> martin @ ).

Custom command (JSFL) that converts all png files in a folder to swf. Uses the new browseForFolderURL, so you will need Flash 8 to run this.
download version 0.8b
banner components
A couple of components that helps you out when you have to make a lot of banners in different shapes and sizes. One (FunkyBannerButton) that automagically draws an all-stage invisible button, with the standard clickTag implemented. The other one (FunkyFrame) draws a crisp pixel border around the stage. Select color and thickness. AS1 / Flash 6 and above.
download version 0.6b

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