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Open Letter to Macromedia Regarding RTMP - DRAFT 2


From: THE NAMES GO HERE John Grden, Luke Hubbard, Cortlandt Winters, Tim Beynart

June 8, 2005

Dear Macromedia, Inc.,

We believe that to secure the growth and future of the Flash Platform, an open-source implementation of the RTMP protocol is necessary.

Flash on Macromedia Unsupported Platforms

Due to the high penetration rate of the Flash player, there are many Flash-only “web sites” and “web pages”. Unfortunately, the Macromedia Flash Player is not available for every platform.

Because of this there is a barrier on the Web for any platform which Macromedia does not choose to support. Users of systems for which no Macromedia Flash Player exists will not be able to view Flash-based content. This is contrary to the principles on which the Internet were built; the World Wide Web was meant to be open, without any artificial, legal, or technological barriers for entry, use or participation.

Because of this, it is necessary for third parties to create their own Flash Players. To do this, they will need to understand the Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

Web Applications

Today, the major technological “push” on the Internet, and in the computer industry at large, is towards a framework for creating “web applications”.

Given the recent merger, the new Adobe/Macromedia company is in a position to establish market dominance, and possibly even a monopoly, in this emerging market. The pre-installation of the Flash Player on most computers, together with the established influence of both Adobe and Macromedia, creates a substantial barrier to entry for any competitors.

One of the protocols integrated in the Flash Player is the Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

To allow for non-Macromedia and non-Adobe software – alternative software – to fully work with “Flash technologies” it is necessary for such alternative software to implement the RTMP protocol.

Openness is Beneficial

We believe it is in Macromedia’s long term interest to allow commercial, free, and open-source alternatives to all “Flash technologies” and “Flash software”. We believe that openness and transparency of Flash technologies will benefit Macromedia through increased acceptance and adoption. Technologies flourish when no user is left behind. For this to become a reality, the RTMP protocol will need to be as open and public as the HTTP and RTSP protocols.


We request that Macromedia make the Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) open and public, under typical Open Source Licensing guidlines.

Respectfully submitted and signed,

THE NAMES GO HERE John Grden, Luke Hubbard, Cortlandt Winters, Tim Beynart

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