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This aims to be a comprehensive list of links to Open Source Flash projects, both those hosted on OSFlash and elsewhere.

Note: This list does not include tools that are not open source. See Closed-Source Flash Tools for a list of such tools where an open-source alternative does not exist. The primary focus of this site and community is open source, not free or commercial Flash tools and projects that are not open source. We only list free (and commercial) tools when an open-source alternative does not exist or the tool is nonetheless necessary for a common workflow, possibly involving other open-source tools.

Due to OSFlash wiki changes please use projects namespace to add new project on the wiki.

Command Line Tools, Compilers, etc.

  • AFLAX - JavaScript development library for Flash. No ActionScript or compiler required.
  • MTASC - ActionScript Compiler
  • swfmill - XML to SWF, SWF to XML command line compiler
  • FFMPEG - Video transcode engine which also supports FLV
  • FLVTool2 - FLV Metadata Updater
  • flasm - Assembler/Disassembler for ActionScript Bytecode
  • Ming - Ming is a C library for generating SWF (”Flash”) format movies, plus a set of wrappers for using the library from C++ and popular scripting languages like PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby.
  • Flagstone Transform - Java/C++ library that enables you to create SWF files (full SWF 7 Spec.)
  • JavaSWF2 - JavaSWF2 is a set of Java packages that enable the parsing, manipulation and generation of the Macromedia Flash(TM) file format known as SWF (”swiff”).
  • JSwiff - pure Java framework for Macromedia Flash file creation and manipulation.
  • JGenerator - The JGenerator is the web server production application that can dynamically combine text, graphics, and sound to build rich Flash content, and is a free alternative to Macromedia Generator.
  • SWF Tools - SWF Tools is a collection of SWF manipulation and creation utilities written by Rainer Böhme and Matthias Kramm. It is released under the GPL.
  • FlashCommand - a command line compiler for Flash IDE. Developed by Mike Chambers of Macromedia.
  • s2x - Python script for converting .sol to XML and back.
  • swcextract - Extract, consolidate, rename and organize intrinsic ActionScript class files and (optionally) component SWFs from SWC files.
  • itFace - Console AS3 compiler using FlexBuilder alpha.
  • Rebol/Flash Dialect (RSWF) - Rebol script for making and exploring SWF files
  • Torta - Torta generates a flash file that shows you how your disk space is being used. Torta is written in Common Lisp.
  • EnLarge - ActionScript preprocessing tool that enables the development of a single code base that targets Flash Player (7, 8 and 9), Flash Lite 2 and GNU Gnash.
  • flv2mpeg4 - FLV to AVI/MP4/MOV command line transcoder
  • FleVI - Flex 2.0.1 SDK Visual tool for easy development of Flex / AS 3.0 projects for Flashplayer 9.Supports auto project creation,Application + Component compiler & ASDoc.
  • FAR - FlashArchive, a command line tool for creating ZLIB compressed archives that can be streamed in progressively from the Flash player at run-time, using the provided ActionScript 3 API.
  • haXe, a new language that targets Flash Player 6 to 9, but also Javascript/AJAX and Server-side development
  • ScreenweaverHX, enables you to access OS/Desktop functionalities from Flash and build Rich Desktop Applications.

Eclipse and Plug-ins



  • ARP - Pattern-based RIA framework (ActionScript 2) for Flash and Flex.
  • AsUnit - Unit testing framework for ActionScript 2 (works with Flash, Flex, MTASC, FAME, etc.)
  • ActionStep - Open source component framework project based on NextStep/OpenStep/GNUStep/Cocoa “Application Kit”
  • As2lib - Open source framework (ActionScript 2) that offers support for event handling, error handling, logging, overloading, reflections, data holders, iterators, unit testing, mock objects, profiling, local connections and file loading (is Flash, Flex, MTASC, FAME, ... compatible)
  • ASAP Framework - A Flash ActionScript 2.0 RIA library for the development of maintainable, multi-movie, event based interactive applications. Compatible with both MTASC and MMC.
  • BBC OSFlash - List of open source Flash projects from the BBC
  • CASA Framework - CASA is an agile high-level framework for ActionScript 2.0. It is designed to ease the chore of common and complex tasks without getting in the way.
  • EnFlash - ActionScript Application Framework
  • XIFF - API for the XMPP Instant Messaging protocol
  • Cairngorm - Pattern-based RIA framework (ActionScript 2) for Flex and Flash.
  • FlexUnit - Unit testing framework for ActionScript 2.0 (Flex and Flash)
  • FlashAnt - FlashAnt includes an Apache Ant task for integrating Flash into the build process of Rich Internet Applications.
  • DENG - DENG is a Flash 6 component written in ActionScript 1 that renders subsets of XHTML, XForms, SVG, XFrames with CSS
  • AsWing - AsWing is an ActionScript Component Framework based on Java Swing.
  • AnimationPackage - helps you to create powerful and maintainable animations in an efficient and easy way.
  • Movieclip Tweening Prototypes - ActionScript 2 (and 1) api for tweening with lots of easing equations.
  • Fuse - Animation packaged which builds on the functionality of MovieClip Tweening Prototypes
  • ASCrypt - Cryptography classes for Actionscript 2
  • AS3 Crypto Library - Cryptography library for as3, featuring RSA, AES, RC4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 and more. BSD license.
  • wisASLibrary - An ActionScript 2 library with lots of animation math.
  • gamepackage - Open source ActionScript 2 framework for gamedevelopment(mode7, raycasting, tile2d, pathfinder,...), an audiopackage and lots of useful util and math classes
  • The SMX Components Set components set - A component library for Flash MX 2004, built with the MX v2 architecture
  • Flash JavaScript Integration Kit - Allows you to call JavaScript functions from ActionScript, and vice versa. All major data types can be passed between the two environments, and it works across browsers and platforms.
  • XPath4AS2 - An XPath library for ActionScript from XFactorStudio.
  • FP XHTML Render - XHTML parser and render component for Macromedia Flash 2004 (ActionScript 2.0).
  • Flade - a free library for simulating 2D physics in Flash.
  • JSON - JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format, with an open source ActionScript implementation.
  • MovieClipLoader6 - Flash player 6 compatible implementation of Flash player 7’s MovieClipLoader class.
  • Flashr - AS2 wrapper for the API.
  • About - AS2 3D API.
  • BiG - AS2 | FlashRemoting Image Gallery.
  • Open Class Library - An OSFlash hosted collection of Actionscript classes.
  • ASLib - An ActionScript 2.0 based library that implements common data structures.
  • core2 - An ECMAScript library that extend the core objects.
  • ASTUce - An ECMAScript regression framework based on JUnit
  • Project Description - A Text Formatter that allow you to use emoticons and some other tags.
  • f_TEA - 128-bit encryption system for Flash and PHP.
  • Project Description - Open source ActionScript 2 System|Framework for scroll-gamedevelopment
  • Edumatic - Actionscript 3 e-learning framework similar to ARP
  • ScrollAPI - A little framework for quick ScrollBar development
  • Gugga Flash Framework Blog - Pattern-based RIA framework (ActionScript 2) for Flash
  • MC Tween - Actionscript tweening extension, used to start transitions and tweens via code on MovieClip, TextField and Sound objects, for both AS1 and AS2. Uses Robert Penner’s easing equations.
  • WireEngine3D (we3d) - AS2 3D Engine
  • TreeMap - Custom treemap visualization component for Flex 2.

Flash Applications

  • Flaxus - Flaxus is a software developed under the TOPLAP manifesto, to perform visual performances in real time.
  • FlashMyAdmin - MySQL Administrator application in Flash.
  • Xical - A Flash/ActionScript based Open Source Rich Media Framework with a player for presentations and e-learning lektures.
  • BiG - A Xhtml/Flash Image gallery
  • FCMS - a Flash presenter system for phpwcms to allow an HTML and a Flash presentation of the same site data. Uses AMFPHP(currently pre-alpha)
  • Open Yaargh!PG - a Online Flash RPG about pirates. Uses AMFPHP
  • Flash Text Formatter Flash Text Formatter - Formats the text according to keyword definition list stored in external XML file.
  • Flash TextArea Flash Text Area - WYSIWYG text area replacement for html forms.

Servers and Remoting

  • Red5 : Open Source Flash Server - Open Source Flash RTMP Server
  • Note: This project has closed. Checkout the red5 project instead. Spark is dead, long live Red5. - Java flash server which supports remoting and server side js.
  • OpenLaszlo - Open source platform with presentation server similar to Flex
  • AMFPHP - Flash Remoting for PHP
  • PHPObject - Flash Remoting alternative for PHP
  • SabreAMF - AMF Client/Server library for PHP5
  • OpenAMF - Flash Remoting for J2EE
  • AMF::Perl - Formerly known as Flash::FLAP, AMF::Perl is an Open Source Perl and Python implementation of Macromedia’s AMF protocol.
  • What is it? - A Multiuser Server written in Java
  • What is it? - An XMPP Server written in Java which integrates well with the XIFF library.
  • JOnAS - A J2EE Open Source Application Server. This server is Sun Certified since v4.3.4.
  • XML-RPC Client - Allows Flash to act as a client to an XML-RPC Service.
  • Fluorine - Flash Remoting for .NET.
  • flosc - Flash OpenSound Control, a Java server enabling communication between Flash and OSC-enabled applications.
  • CakePHP - A Rails-inspired powerful and easy to use PHP framework. Can be used to develop flash app backends as AMFPHP is supported through CakeAMFPHP (see below).
  • CakeAMFPHP - Adapter classes to make AMFPHP work seamlessly with CakePHP. This way, you can leverage your productivity by using CakePHP features on the server side to build your application server and use CakeAMFPHP to send data back and forth Flash/CakePHP. You can also have a HTML version of your Flash app without headeaches.
  • Laziza JSFL Server - Allows JSFL commands from remote host.
  • wsdl2as WSDL stub compiler for ActionScript 3
  • haxeVideo, a lightweight FLV streaming, recording and web conference server written in haXe

Logging Tools

  • Alcon - An external output console for Actionscript debugging
  • LuminicBox.Log - A logging API and output console for ActionScript
  • as2logger - Logging Framework based on the Java Logging-API
  • ZLog - *Very* easy log with MTASC and Flash IDE.
  • Tornado - A runtime configurable logging solution with multiple publishers available.
  • XFLAS2 - A MTASC & Flash IDE compatible logging solution, configurable at runtime or through xml configs, with automatic reflection.

Debugging Tools

  • Xray ( The AdminTool ) - Logging/debug/Runtime SWF controller
  • DebugIt - Displays traced data in a seperate SWF so you can debug outside of Flash, while running your application in its shell/production environment.
  • Print_r Debugger - Brings PHP‘s “print_r” to Flash, invaluable once you start to use it. Free, Complete Source Available

Documentation Systems

  • Acid - ACtion Info Doc, JavaDoc style AS2 doc tool in Python.
  • as2api - A JavaDoc-a-like for ActionScript 2.0. implemented in Ruby.
  • AsDocGen - A tool, released under the GPL, that lets you create JavaDoc style documentation for ActionScript code.
  • Natural Docs - Documentation system with ActionScript 2 and 3 support
  • MXI File Creator - Windows Desktop App, for creating and editing (.mxi files) to build MXP files (components and help-material) for the Macromedia Extension Manager.
  • AS2NaturalDocsAutoComment - A perl script to add NaturalDocs compatible comment stubs to AS2.0 classes.
  • /**ZenDoc--> - A web-based documentation tool for ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 written in PHP using Javadoc code commenting.

See the Documentation System Comparison.

Flash Players

  • Flirt - An alternative Flash runtime (pre-alpha)
  • Gameswf Library - Even more alternative Flash runtime (pre-alpha)
  • Gnash - A GPL standalone Flash movie player and firefox plugin supporting many SWF v7 features
  • GPLFlash - Another alternative Flash runtime (abandoned in favour of gnash)
  • Swfdec - An LGPL Flash rendering library that integrates with GStreamer.

SWF Readers

  • SWFHeaderInfo - A C# class (and .dll) for parsing .swf headers.
  • swfOp - a (LGPL) .NET library for Macromedia Flash (SWF) byte code manipulation
  • PHP::SWF Reader - Alessandro Crugnola’s PEAR package allows reading and changing basic information about a .swf.(PHP license v2)
  • SWF9DIS wiki page A disassembler for the new SWF9 (AVM2) instruction set emitted by the new Flex compiler.

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