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LowRA is coming.

But who’s LowRA ?

Is it the codename of Laura Palmer ? yes, indeed ! :p

But LowRA is more than that !

LowRa means : Low-level Rework on Actionscript 3.0

That’s the next-gen version of pixlib and pixioc. It won’t use any features of Flex framework, never ! I suppose it could be nice later to release an extension of LowRA which build some bridges beetween the both frameworks.

So what’s the goal of LowRA at this time, now that we have native event system, mx logging framework and so on ?

I had to reinvent the wheel (sorry guyz :p) to fit my devt needs and code design perspectives. That’s just a matter of taste and vision, it’s not based on performance. Yeah, I feel a bit frustrated with Flex2 philosophy. Incredible, no ? ^^

My goal is to provide a 100% Flash (yeah I love flash!) site/application framework based on IOC with plugin system and powerful event model.

More infos coming soon!

FITC07 - AS3 Game Development in a Nutshell

Session where Francis Bourre presents a prerelease will lowRA!

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