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NOTE: This is not the latest version of red5

You can find the latest release here: /red5/latest

Red5 0.5 Release

The Red5 Team is proud to announce the release of Red5 0.5.

Major changes since 0.4.1:

  • refactored streaming code
  • refactored scope services
  • refactored rtmp message de-/encoding
  • enabled subscopes
  • bandwidth control for on-demand streams
  • bandwidth control / frame dropping for live streams
  • experimental support for serverside streams
  • persistence for scopes and shared objects
  • remoting client support including RecordSet objects
  • scheduling service
  • simple “directory-only” applications
  • simple web-based interface to access informations about scopes

Also a lot of bugs have been fixed that were reported after 0.5rc1. The complete changelog can be found in the “doc” directory after the installation.

A windows installer is available at


To reduce the download size for the installer, we omitted the sample streams. However they can be downloaded during the installation process by selecting the corresponding option. If you have your own sample streams, feel free to copy them to webapps/oflaDemo/streams” after the installation to access them from the “ofla_demo.swf” example.

A debian package will be available shortly at

A tarball for all other systems is available at


Further informations as well as mirrors for the downloads soon can be found on the official homepage at: /red5

Please bring any bugs you encounter to our bugtracking system at:

If you have questions about using Red5, please subscribe to the mailing list at:


Known issues / warnings:

  • The server side stream composition code is unstable / experimental. This should not be confused with normal streaming.
  • Synchronization of live audio / video has improved but still is not right everytime.
  • Memory usage for on-demand streams is rather high as mapped files are not shared yet.

This release is not designed to be a speed daemon. We have focused on getting streaming flow sorted. By all means put the server through its paces and report back to dev list or the tracker. Expect performance to improve on the way to 1.0

DATE: 2006-07-25

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