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SabreAMF is an AMF client and server for PHP5. The goal of the project is to create a solid lean AMF library, fully PHP5 E_STRICT-compliant.

SabreAMF should fully support the entire AMF0 and AMF3 protocols. The BSD licence is chosen for legal flexibility.

The main target audience is people who want to add AMF/Flash Remoting capabilities to existing PHP frameworks or applications.


  • Category: AMF Server/Client
  • Audience: PHP/Flash/Flex developers
  • Platform: Any, requires PHP5 to be installed
  • Maturity: Alpha
  • Licence: BSD


You can download the package here.

Installation instructions

If PEAR is installed on your server, you can simply enter the following on the command line:

pear install

If you don’t have pear, simply download the package, unpack it using “tar xfvz packagename” and rename the SabreAMF-versionnumber folder to SabreAMF.

The SabreAMF folder needs to be either in your working directory, or in your include_path to work. The pear installer does all these steps automatically.

Usage instructions

I will put up a better tutorial soon, but the example to setup a proper AMF0/AMF3 gateway can be found in the source browser.

Also, you can browse through a few more in depht-articles.

Mailing list

There is a community of users and developers for this project who share their experiences on the mailing list. Please search through the archives to see if your question has been answered before submitting it to the mailing list.

SabreAMF mailing list : Subscribe and manage your subscription

Subversion repository

This project has a Subversion (SVN) repository at:

SabreAMF subversion repository


Evert Pot Main developer

A big thanks to Karl von Randow for fixing AMF3 decoding bugs


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