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Sandy is an intuitive and user-friendly 3D open-source library developed in Actionscript 2.0 for the Flash environment.

This project is almost stable in 1.1 version. The latest version is available on the website :

New technical demo : sandy_illustration_kitty.jpg

You can download the latest version here :


This 3D engine features many exclusive characteristics such as :

  • Flash player 7 compatibility.
  • Both MTASC and Macromedia compilers compliant.
  • Several 3D primitives, allowing fast and parameterized object creation
  • Advanced object management allowing some fantastic possibilities during your creations (scaling, rotation, translation, etc.)
  • API based on Java3D, the reference open-source Java 3D API
  • Advanced camera management (multiple cameras, rotation, motion on linear or bezier-curve path, movements, etc.)
  • Complex object loading thanks to the .ASE and .WRL files parser (files generated by several 3D object modeling packages such as 3D Studio Max)
  • Skin system to easily change your objects appearance. Several skins are available allowing to create transparent faces, bitmap texture and video texture as webcam video stream.
  • Managment of Flash8 filters bringing some very nice visual effects

Why this project ?

The idea comes from the lack of possibilities to run 3D in Flash. It’s also a way to solve the major problems of the other 3D engines that one can find over the web, such as :

  • Lack of documentation or support.
  • Abandoned projects.
  • Exclusive and limited engine.


Thomas Pfeiffer started this project in Oct 2005 and currently remains the only contributing developer. However some people have kindly contributed to the project, and you can see the list here: contributors

Why this name ?

Sandy is intended to be a community project, with a simple API, documented and updated as much as possible. Sandy is a pun which represents 3D. I’ve been inspired by the Chinese language because ‘3’ is pronounced ‘san’ and the letter ‘D’ ‘di’. Combining those two words I got sandy.

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