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SILEX is an open source Rich Internet Application that provides designers with tools and a workflow in order to produce rich media applications more efficiently than ever. It separates content and design as well as programming and designing.

You may download and install a SILEX server in minutes. Produce your layouts and create URLs that will lead to applications based on these layouts. Then use the WYSIWYG online interface to place medias and components.

Our software is “free software,” part of the new paradigm of sharing across the Internet, and licensed under the GPL. If our code is used by other people in their software, their code also becomes open. A viral effect! :)

Lexa Yo.


SILEX is a 3 years old project already used by designers and web agencies to produce RIAs and Flash websites.

It became an open source project in April 2007 in order to facilitate the cooperation of several companies interested in the project. These partners provide us for two developers available one day a week and for a place to work together with designers one day a week in Paris. I hope it will also be used by associations to produce low cost and easily maintainable web TVs.


You can download the lastest release of SILEX and join the prorject at SourceForge :

Communication tools

Please use the mailing lists also at SourceForge : Users mailing list - write an empty mail to Developers mailing list - write an empty mail to

feel free to use the forum at It is in French but do not hesitate to speak in English to us or to ask for translations, it’s good for us to practice our English :)

Please contact us : contact AT silex DOT tv

What has been produced with SILEX so far?

Absolutely no programming of any kind has been necessary to produce these applications:

What part of SILEX do web designers use?

  • the Flash authoring components to produce animated layouts in Flash MX or Flash 8 without a line of code
  • the API to develop components with advanced functionalities and interactions

What part of SILEX do administrators use?

What part of SILEX do designers use?

  • the WYSIWYG user interface to quickly build a communication tool presenting his content, i.e. 2D/3D graphics, text, video, audio, recorded or live streams…
  • the SILEX database components to build a back office, a catalog, a CRM, an online shop…

What does SILEX produce?

  • Flash applications e.g. a simple website, a dynamic website with a back office for the end *user, a web TV…

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