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ActionStep2007/02/19 10:56project, actionstep Summary * Homepage : <> * License : ActionStep is an Actionscript 2.0 implementation of a subset of the OpenStep Application Kit. The intent is to create an open-source component framework for writing Rich Internet Applications for the Flash Player.,
AFF2007/02/16 11:27project, aff Summary * Homepage : * License : AFF is a suite of applications that allows you to work in the Flash IDE while taking advantage of the workflow advancements of MTASC. The AFF suite is comprised of: * Alf (Advanced Library for Flash) * Flash IDE (not open source, available from Adobe) * Flasc (Tools for compiling with MTASC from within the Flash IDE),
Aflax2007/02/14 04:09project, aflax Summary * Homepage : <> * License : Mozilla Public License (MPL) aflax is JavaScript Library for Flash 8 (Wikipedia Entry) is a method through which developers may use JavaScript and Flash together to create AJAX-type applications, but with a much richer set of vector drawing controls than are available in either Internet Explorer or FireFox. Developers using this library have access to the full range of Flash features, but without ever touching the F…,
Alcon2007/02/16 11:36project, alcon Summary * Homepage : Alcon * License : GNU GPL * Author : Sascha Balkau Alcon is Actionscript Logging Console. Alcon is a easy to use and lightweight external output console for Flash Actionscript. Simply import the Debug class into your project and send information to the console with the command Debug.trace().,
Alf2007/02/15 06:15project, alf Summary * Homepage : Alf * License : alf (Advanced Library for Flash) Advanced Library for Flash, AKA ALF, is an open source Flash IDE extension by Xavi Beumala that extends the capabilities of the Flash Library, allowing you to search (filter) library assets and manipulate them to help you refactor your library.,
AMFPHP2007/02/20 08:14project, amfphp, remoting, amf Summary * Homepage : <> * License : AMFPHP is a Flash Remoting gateway for PHP. AMFPHP was the first open-source Remoting gateway and continues to be developed. Some distinguishing features of amfphp:, , ,
ARP2007/02/20 11:46project, arp Summary Welcome to the official home of ARP, the Open Source Pattern-Based Rich Internet Application (RIA) Framework for the Flash Platform. ARP currently supports Macromedia® Flash® and Flex™-based RIA Development in ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3.,
ASDT - ActionScript Development Tool2007/02/20 10:09project, asdt Summary * Homepage : <> * License : An ActionScript Editor for Eclipse. Provides code coloring, code completion, outlining etc. Tutorials * A brief guide to getting started with ASDT, mainly focused on the ASDT Logger ASDT Logging. * A couple of tutorials tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2 on getting ASDT 0.0.8 build 5 running with eclipse, MTASC, flashout and how to use it in conjuction with the flash IDE for the symbols by Grant Davies.,
AsWing2007/02/20 10:59project, aswing Summary * Homepage : <> * License : AsWing is an Open Source Flash ActionScript GUI framework and library that allows programmers to make their flash application(or RIA) UI easily. It’s usage is similar to Java Swing. It provides a set of GUI components, which we intent to implement in pure object oriented ActionScript 2. A pluggable look and feel will be implemented too. It also provides many Util classes.,
FLASC2007/02/16 11:49project, flasc Summary * Homepage : <> * License : MIT Open Source License FLASC = FLashIDE + MTASC FLASC is a design time Flash extension that gives you a powerful GUI interface to help create and run MTASC compatible batch files. This allows developers to compile swf’s at a MUCH greater speed than with the Flash IDE (MMC).,
Flash JavaScript Integration Kit2007/02/21 03:21project, flashjs Summary The Flash JavaScript Integration Kit allows developers to get the best of the Flash and HTML worlds by enabling JavaScript to invoke ActionScript functions, and vice versa. All major data types can be passed between the two environments (you can view a complete list here).,
GAFF2007/02/16 12:00project, gaff Summary * Homepage : * License : GAFF is a suite of applications that allows you to work in the Flash IDE while taking advantage of the workflow advancements of MTASC. It is similar to AFF but also contains the non-open-source gProject.,
Kairos2007/02/25 07:44project, kairos Summary * License : MOZILLA PUBLIC LICENSE Version 1.1 Kairos is a Pixlib extension that mainly rework on the transitions package, it’s offer a new way to handle animations in your projects. The main idea behind that project is that when we build animations in our games, sites, or applications, the speed of animations may changes according to the browser and/or the computer performances. Why not having a framerate-independant animation system ? Where tweens, movieclips a…,
Pixlib2007/02/16 11:55project, pixlib Summary * Homepage : * License : Pixlib is an AS 2.0 framework developed by Francis Bourre. It’s designed to support event handling, logging, data preloading, managing sound and video, making transitions, data holders and data structures, patterns implementations ...,

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