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I am one of the co-founders of OSFlash and I maintain the OSFlash Wiki and help administer the OSFlash Mailing List.

I run a company called Ariaware, based in beautiful Brighton in the United Kingdom.

Some of what I do include:

  • Running the London MMUG with the help of a stellar administrative committee.
  • Lead the open source, pattern-based RIA framework project for the Flash Platform (ARP) with the support and guidance of some of the best minds in the Flash/RIA worlds.
  • Get to play with lots of exciting new toys, mobile technologies, etc.
  • Give talks at various conferences around the world, including Flashtival, MXDU and FlashForward.
  • Teach both Macromedia-certified classes and my own (Foundations of Object-Oriented ActionScript 2 and Best Practices Flash & Flex Development.)
  • Consult on usability, development process and RIA architecture with some very interesting companies and on some very cool projects.
  • Fall on my butt constantly while trying to learn to inline skate! :)

You can find out more about me by reading my blog, FlashAnt or my FlashForward Profile.

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