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Feature Requests for this wiki

This is page where you can leave feature requests for this wiki. Add new requests under The New Requests heading 1)

New Requests

List new enhancements requests here

  • Possibility to give some read/write permissions to users on the SVN account. Very important for a community development.
  • background for footnote hover text 2)
  • “Related links” menu, autmomatically generated based on the namespaces used.
  • wiki tag to embed a swf. The wiki is all about Flash after all! (could this be done easily using the JavaScript Integration Kit?)
  • ability to move/rename pages and keep page change log
  • ability to move/rename pages and have all incoming links update automatically
  • larger wiki editing boxes so that more lines of code can be seen at any one time
  • Smaller fonts for < code > tags.. Right now you always have to scroll horizontally
  • ability for users to change their passwords (Seconded! I can never remember my password when I want to edit something.)


Sometimes text is stretched to the whole width, which looks strange, like on this page, in section usage, part 2: mtasc unittests

The RSS feed does not always reflect the changes right. Sometimes it simply skips additions. Something i find even more odd is that it mixes the dmains and It might be a good thing to redirect to www.

The dates in the RSS feeds should include a timezone

HTML in titles of RSS feeds are stripped out, perhaps they should simply be properly escaped..

Under Development

These are enhancements that are under development, or have been agreed that they are a good idea.

Who wants to implement this?

These are enhancements that are considered to be a good idea, but no one has volunteered to actually do the work.

Never Gonna Happen

These enhancements are silly, misguided, too ambitious, irrelevent or technically impossible.

1) I wanted to put this page in the “wiki” namespace, but there seems to be a permissions issue with creating the file in that directory
2) I need a background because I can be hard to read

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