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About XMI2Actionscript

is a XMI to Actionscript 2.0 Code Generator by Yehia Shouman. It is based on XSL technology so it is extensible. The tool is also .Net 1.1 based.

If you have Enterprise Architect, Export your project to XMI version 1 or 1.2 and things should be ready (Default export options). You can then start generation.

It produces documentation type accepted by AS2DOC so all you will have to do is import the .as produced files in AS2DOC to produce HTML documentation.

It supports extending (inheritence). At the moment there is some problems with the import statement. It treats properties as methods. It does differentiate between visibilities (public/private) and recognize static methods as well.

It will also create the .as files for you in their correct name spaces.

Later on, I will produce versions for Mono and .php (Web version), but the XSL should be platform indepenedant so you can implement your own code.

there should be no problem in migrating it to other platforms.

Current Features of XMI2Actionscript

  1. Source: XMI version 1.0 or 1.2, Output HTML page with all the classes.
  2. Support for inheritence (extends)
  3. Support for complex Namespaces
  4. Automatic creation of folders in accordance to classes’ namespaces.
  5. AS2DOC compatible standard documentation copying from XMI, Including documentation for methods params.
  6. Automatic creation of static variables required by CreateClassObject
  7. Automatic creation of constructor
  8. Recognition for static methods
  9. UI interface available in .Net 1.1 and for web as ASP. XSL which is used for conversion is an external file, thus you can extend it easily.
  10. A special dialog to select the classes you wish to export from the file or altogether.


For Information about ** XMI2Actionscript 1.0 **

Please contact me for information

Download here:

For inqueries/comments requirements email me at:

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